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Monday, February 8th, 2010
9:14 am

Happy Birthday Klute !!!

Sunday, September 6th, 2009
8:19 pm
Writer's Block: Home Remedies

When you get sick or have a cold, what's your favorite remedy to make you feel better?


a cherry slush.

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Tuesday, March 17th, 2009
5:26 pm
in which perhaps i am allergic to something afterall

I've luckily never been hospitalized.  I was born, I got out, never gone back in.  I'm relatively healthy.  I get the flu usually once a year.  I've never given a damn about pollen count or had to place my faith in a tv cartoon bee hawking allergy medicine.  But according to the doctor, I have a slight girl problem that requires antibiotics 4 times a day for a while to be taken with food.  They taste irony-blah & before going to bed last night, I took a pill with some slices of cheese & kool-aid.  Twice during the night I woke up to retch.  So since I had today off, I thought I'd take it easy, but I also wanted to get alot done.  So the plan was to get a sandwich from kinfolk's bbq that would be delicious, heavy, & last me a couple of pill takings.  However, they are closed 3-5pm so I ended up finally eating something substantial (a gyro) & doubled up on the antibiotic.  Now my mouth tastes all irony-blah again.  Hello nausea, my old friend...

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008
11:11 am
a few nights ago I dreamt I was on a trolley car in a jungle safari park with a few other people, the only person I recognized being my oldest sister on the last bench with me.  The trolley went  through a narrow clearing in the underbrush & was slow enough that people could jump off & wander around if they wanted to spend some more time in an area.  However, people didn't know that you were fair game to being attacked & eaten by the animals.  I questioned how could that happen with missing people reports & someone replied, "That's why it's in Mexico."  I saw one of my co-workers who was trying to fnd a bathroom for a little boy & I shouted out to her to forget about it & jump aboard the closest trolley.  While pulling people aboard, I wondered if the car was going slower because of the added weight.  I discovered a slight wire fence & pulled it apart to reveal a great green grassy slope full of bunnies.  This I somehow know is the way out & if you're on the other side with the bunnies, you were safe.  Even though this didn't make sense that the carnivorous animals couldn't go through the fence as well, they couldn't.  And at the bottom of the hill were taxi cabs waiting to take us away.

last night's dream:
my demolished elementary school is rebuilt into a community center which was possibly a front for big brotherism.  one room was full of video monitors and radios.  there was a call-in show where people would call in story problems for autistics.  one caller/patron was jerone dubouis whom none of the office workers liked.  scene transfers to being in a school bus with others from the area being amazed at how many strange houses had been built, some mushroomed shaped, some on stilts, alot of man-made lakes over former farmland.  Turns out invaders from another dimension.  So now it's up to us on the bus to figure out how to save the day.  I'm not sure exactly how or if we did, but star charts, plotting grids of the local land, & the former big brother-like radio show with the autistics were involved.

i have alot of  "save the world" dreams.  i wonder why.

*2 weeks til Battlestar Galatica!*
Tuesday, December 16th, 2008
12:21 pm
11:08 am
hmm... i do have tomorrow off.  i could procrastinate...
10:07 am
the past week or so i've been been making cookies to send out as presents/take to work, but i keep eating them.  i finally got some lemon cookies to work yesterday.  last night i made what i think is my 3rd batch of oatmeal raisin.  the other batches didn't leave the house & 1/2 of a batch only made it to cookie dough status before being consumed on the couch.  we have a pumpkin leftover from halloween that i thought i'd turn into pumpkin cookies, but haven't wanted to undertake the goopiness.  i also have frozen Ohio rhubarb i haven't done anything with that i could make into tarts or bars or something.  Although tarts might not ship too well.  And i've never made anything rhubarby before.  i'm running out of mailing time too.  i'd like to get some things out today before work this afternoon.  

today friends are flying in from ohio until new years day.  they lived here in town until moving late this summer.  right after nationals this year, i drove one of their cars to ohio for them & had a blast.  i love road trips.  my friends (k&p and their little boy who's My Favorite Little Boy in the Whole World) are staying at another friends empty condo.  k&p are societal glue.  so instead of xmas this year being klute (because this year he's not working it) & me & my biggest anxiety would be "how much longer can i wait for my sister to ask me about doing something together so i don't have to be the one asking?"  which is probably her question also, but not anxiety.  i'm dumb that way.  so because of common friends, xmas is probably going to be much bigger.    my sister said they asked her to host xmas at her house & she hasn't decided.  which i understand.  some years for thanksgivings/xmases, we've gone to my sister's house, k&p's house, my place, the casino for buffett. we do a white elephant exchange for xmas which is always alot of fun.  this year i think i'll take trishjusttrish's idea of a loaf of bread imprinted with the face of mary so when you toast it, you get holy toast.   that should be a good one.

Thursday, November 27th, 2008
2:59 pm
my big plan for today was to watch the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special on tv. i thought it was on tonight. it is not. blpt. i miss event tv. when it only came on once a year & nobody had a copy of it to watch whenever they wanted. dolly madison commercials. with their cornucopia of zingers. i may not have had access to their desserts, but i loved that they annually sponsored them. kid feasts of brightly colored jellybeans, popcorn, & toast. card tables & lawn chairs. teachers that speak trombone with plunger mute dialects. & i challenge anyone to deny feeling cheered up when they hear the Peanuts' theme. i do have the xmas special soundtrack & i've been listening to that while getting showered & ready for work for the past week or so. hmm...haven't showered yet today. probably should go do something about that. klute will probably be back from work by then. i have tomorrow off too so really i should be ready to go out & play today rather than putter around the house when probably alot of people will be going back to their regularly scheduled obligations. okay, now commencing "Operation Get Off the Couch".
Tuesday, November 18th, 2008
7:09 pm
it's what's for dinner
i'm not sure why i'm cooking tonight, but i am. on teresa's rarely home-cooked menu is:

celery sticks with dip
cucumber salad
pork fried rice
coconut cream pie

here's hoping it's edible.
i had an extremely older hard of hearing man chat me up today at the grocery store. it was pleasant until he asked me out to dinner. when i said i wasn't available, he asked if i had a sister who was available. funny enough, after what we'd been talking about & how he was presenting himself, he would be much more my sister's type than mine. we'd both agree about the whole not a chance in hell because of the age difference. think i'm ageist? shoot, i'm not sure my mother who's retired would've found him age appropriate should he have asked her out.

i'd chitter-chat more, but gotta finish making dinner.
wow, that feels wierd to say.
Monday, November 10th, 2008
9:42 pm
there was a tie on election night...
someone left their tie at our place after the election night party. reveal yourself.
Tuesday, September 16th, 2008
6:12 pm
general apology
Sorry about the extra long entry without a cut. I don't see the option listed although I know it has to be somewhere.
3:48 pm
the goose story
one word that will be forever pronounced in my mother's voice is "worthwhile". We often disagree what is considered "worthwhile". As in I was watching tv when she asked, "Why do you watch that pretend stuff? You should find something worthwhile to do."   And as I was watching an episode of original Star Trek at the time, I found plenty of reasons to defend that I was doing something worth my wile.  The other day I did something we both deem worthwhile. 

I'd been having an emotionally draining day & thought it'd be nice if Klute & I went over to feed the ducks. We took a loaf of cheap wheat bread to a greenbelt park nearby in the mid to late afternoon. The pigeons had the most represented in the flock that gathered around us immediately. There were maybe 6 white geese with their intense crazy blue eyes. I had a pair of them growing up. Ricky & Lucy. I would lead them on walks, feed them, change their swimming pool water, race them. I'd jog, they'd flap themselves across the ground maybe 20 ft. They weren't snuggly or anything, but I thought we got on well enough. Then every so often they would hiss-honk themselves into a paranoid frenzy & go ape-shit on you. Biting, chasing, beating me with their wings which should be soft, right? feathery, soft, their wings? no it's more like they beat you with where their wing attached to the torso, so that makes it what, their shoulder? Once, I was standing when one of them reached up their beak & latched onto my right hand between my wrist & my pinky in a death-grip befitting a lion, tiger, or someother mammalian predator, not a bird. I scream, the other goose is squawking up a storm. Was it empathizing with me or cheering on his friend? Wishful thinking. I lift my arm up, goose is suspended & goes limp except for in the jaw. I shake my now 10-15lb heavier arm and the goose just dangles like the world's most ostentatious bracelet. I had 'teeth' marks for a week.

But I digress.
(Watch out for white geese.)

Surprisingly, there were'nt too many actual ducks at the duck pond. Even more surprisingly, on this trip to the park, the 2nd highest bird population at the feeding was Canadian Geese, or as I like to call them, illegal aliens. We do get migrating Canadian Geese that pass thru this way to go to Mexico for the winter. Growing up in Iowa, they were always a welcome sight for me during the seasons. They never stuck around all year. But here in Phoenix, there's a batch that hang out at the greenbelt park & a batch at the Scottsdale Pavilions shopping center. It's great that there's an oasis for them, because the desert sucks. It's harsh & pokey. I imagine that the geese population here stays for 1 of 3 reasons.

1. Noble Injured Goose to it's flock: "I'm like Moses & will never see the promised land. Don't worry about me...you'll have to go on down..down...to Mexico..."

2. Teenage Girl Goose who got knocked up Prom Night in Winnipeg. Now she won't be able to keep up with her brothers & sisters who are going to the University of Mexico. To poop on it. She has to raise her young in a desert. Serves her right. We're in a red state after all.

3. Wagons East Goose. "What the hell am I flying across the continent for? The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Here there's no snow, no migration, & there's a couple of pink apes over by the water's edge who's throwing bread at me. Am I an idiot?"

So Klute & I are having a pretty good time. He's throwing entire slices to create a Thunderdome effect. I'm hiding 1 slice in my lap trying to keep the beggars from jockeying into position around me, picking it apart into little tiny pieces. Scooping the pieces into my hands, then flinging them out to the pigeons feeling like a pinata. We're 2/3's done with the bag & the initial crowd has started to drift off to eat grass, preen, or swim back to their island when one Canadian goose literally flops over the cement barrier & onto the ground on it's belly. Sloppy wet flop-plop sound. When it stands, we notice the swelling. There's fishing line wrapped around a leg. Klute sees a fishing hook stuck in the other. Might as well put a fishing hook in our hearts we felt so sad & modernly helpless.

So what do the sad & modernly helpless do? I went looking for a park office, found a sign with a phone #, Klute called it then a bunch of other numbers going thru directory assistance on his cell phone. We went the few blocks home, he for the internet, I for more bread, popcorn, an old browning pluot I didn't want to finish, a knife, & a pair of scissors. Klute wisely questioned my implements postumising that taking the hook out might make it bleed to death & trying to nicely remind me I didn't know what the hell I was doing. Which I didn't, but maybe we could do something. Maybe something worthwhile.

Klute got ahold of Larry, some bird guy who said he'd received calls about that bird for the last 6 weeks & has been out there numerous times with a net trying to catch it to no avail. Larry said if we catch it, call him back. So it sounded like he wasn't going to come out. I believe my exact words were, "Oh hell no, we can do this."

But now that we were back with more bread, everyone wanted more bread. How to thin out the crowd? Pluot. 1/2 plum 1/2 apricot, a genetically engineered fruit I'd recently been introdced to. Slicing off bits of fruit, the other geese got eventually discouraged & wandered off. This time, however, the hurt goose stayed in the water. Makes sense to put as little weight on his legs as possible. The pigeons were still congregated just happy to have something even if it was fruit & there were 1 or 2 other types of bird I couldn't identify. I switched to bread & came closer to the water. Klute did a great job of keeping track of which goose was our target. At the edge of the water, I bent my knees, threw out some bread then embraced the goose right arm scooped under the front & tummy, left arm over his back to keep his wings down. There was some wing beating, & I have a few bruises & scratches, but I've been here before. No problem.

I step backwards & sit down on the park bench in the late afternoon sun with a Canadian goose on my lap like it was a pet dog & we are just out to the park for a nice time. Each scaly webbed foot with three claws on my bare legs. I'm in shorts. Water drops sparkle deflected by his feathers. His soft, wet feathers that smell so very nice. For such a large bird, he doesn't feel heavy. His eyes don't go crazy. He doesn't bite. He poops on my leg. Out of fear & confusion I imagine. That and geese poop a lot. But that's okay, I've been here before too. I talk softly & smoothly. I offer him bread trying to reiterate in bread offering that I am not going to eat him. He makes a half-hearted nibble, but doesn't eat it really. Klute thinks maybe after 6 weeks, there isn't any fight left in him.

Klute called him Lamey McStagger & I vetoed on grounds of an inferred drinking problem. I mean I've got the kid on my lap & if I'm trying to speak calmly about how everything's going to be okay & we're trying to help, then even Lamey isn't a very positive recovery name.

A guy pulls up in a van that has an animal carrier in the back. Larry. I carry him over & fanangle him into the carrier. He still has a bit of bread stuck on the side of his beak.
Larry said the goose is a juvenile & born here at the park. (Which makes him one of the offspring in my scenario #2.) And that he was taking it to a vet. Klute's talking about making a donation to some charity. Me? I got irrationally defensive imagining 'How do I know he's taking it to a vet? Maybe he's telling this all to my face & all he's really going to do is going to go home and eat him! I don't know this guy from Adam! I know about plot twists! I watch Law & Order! You give me back my goose!' I am pulled away from my over-protection projection when Larry backs up, rolls down the window. "Are you two bird folks? I've got some finches.." To which Klute replies no because of our cat.

For having felt so down that morning, that afternoon I felt so much better. This is truly the best thing I've done in a very long time. We did something worthwhile.

Current Mood: warm, fuzzy
Tuesday, July 15th, 2008
5:13 pm
congratulations, i'm a grandmother!
odd dream:
i time traveled to scary future.

For no apparent reason, my present day mind was in my future ancient woman self. I had a granddaughter who looked like/talked like/acted like Roseanne Barr. I was trying to play catch up & figure out how I could have had a granddaughter at all since I don't intend on having any children. She had her husband Dan (who looked exactly like John Goodman) & some kids. She was talking loudly. I kept quiet trying to figure it all out. "Isn't that Roseanne Barr & John Goodman? Or rather, Roseanne & Dan Connor? They know who I am, but how could I have gone to the future to become a fictional character's grandmother? If I say she looks like Roseanne, it's too far in the future for her to probably get a pop culture reference from my present. They'll think it's quaint Grandma with her old-timey jibber-jabber. Or worse, they'll think I've lost it & put me in a home for believing they're fictional characters."

So I decided to not say anything to them. Then the dream either ended or changed to something different. Try to float me away on an iceburg, will they? I showed them. Take that fictional characters!
Wednesday, May 21st, 2008
9:23 pm
2 things to celebrate today
Happy Birthday to Bob-zilla!


One year anniversary of Klute's successful heart surgery!
Friday, May 16th, 2008
8:41 pm
how much square footage does the Tardis have anyway?
 i know it's got alot of closet space.

looked at a few houses tonight.  i'm glad we're looking, but it is kinda stressy.   hey is this somewhere you want to live, invest in, be stuck with, find faults with, pay taxes on, insure, sign contracts, sign mortgage papers, find out you hate your neighbors & it's not like there's a lease you know you can choose to get out of.  we could go into default because of, handle your own maintenence problems rather than make a snitty call to the apartment office?  of course, this is just looking at down sides.  there are good sides too.

 what makes everything better?...BattleStupid Galatidum. 
Thursday, May 15th, 2008
3:16 pm
you know what's nice?
sipping a homemade smoothie with bebe the cat purring on your lap, radio in the background.

it's nice not to have to do anything pressing on your day off. 
one of the radio stations is giving away $1000 every 1/2 hour so I've been listening.  they played 'little red corvette' & i sang along as 'little black Bebe cat (ooh hoo ooh ooo)'   the smoothie is blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, ice, milk, & sugar.  i also went poking around house hunting a little.  one place we're trying to get an appointment to look at turns out to be like 2 blocks west of grand, trunk space, the bikini, the (former) paper heart.  i'm not sure if that's good or bad.  i saw an orange cat wandering around & wondered if it's ___(i forgot its name, the orange cat that hangs out at trunk space & around there.) 

wherever i end up living the majority of my life, i hope there will be a lilac bush.  has anyone seen one in phoenix?
Thursday, April 17th, 2008
8:06 pm
Essenza 8pm Poetry Slam with special appearances by Amy Doyle and John "Survivor" Blake

Gee, it's 8 o'clock... it's Thursday...come on down.

(i should totally be there already.  i am sooooo not there on time, but that gives me the opportunity to post that you should go too!)

Friday, February 29th, 2008
3:10 pm
that's wierd

the post i just wrote about being sick dated itself as "December 29, 2008".   either that or i'm still f-ing loopy.

2:29 pm
sick day #3 or #4

Tuesday I was coughing all day at work & felt my throat begin to swell up.   I thought great this is probably the same thing i just had on vacation where i ended up losing my voice for a day or two so i should stop by an urgent care (which i hate, except for the one in delaware during vacation.  but since i have no regular doctor & the strip mall places are cheaper than the hosptial) they'll probably give me more amoxicillian & i can start battling this thing back.  Oh, but sleep sounded so good. when i awoke & went looking for close by urgent care places, the 1st 1 didn't take my insurance, & the 2nd one (located on the 2nd floor of a strip mall.  2 flights of stairs is great for sick people.) said even though the dr was in, they were on their way to a shift at a hospital.  come back tomorrow morning.  next morning i go to take myself & end up buckled over throwing up in the parking lot of our complex.  so klute, being the wonderful postpones all the stuff he has to do & takes me to urgent care place #3.  

this is getting longer than i expected to write.  much bellyaching, frustration, & resentment toward place #3.  kudos to klute for putting up with me.  place #3 gives me an antibiotic Bioxin (or something) & cough medicine.  when i take the antibiotic it makes me nauceous & throw up about an hour 1/2 after taking it, making me wonder if i just expelled all the stuff that;'s supposed to help.  & when i take the cough medicine (which i think i remember the person at #3 described to me as "good cough syrup", says "hydrocodone/homatrop syrup" on the bottle, & klute says has codine) so when i take the cough medince,  yes it stops me from coughing.  it also stops me from wanting to move AT ALL.. The directions say 1tsp every 4 hrs for 5 days.  There were 3 times  after one dose i thought a drink of water, but never did. my nose itched.  did i scratch it?  no.  my body does not want to move.  so yes the cough is surpressed, but oh my god i'm useless.  i hate it.   & am i getting better?  i can't tell i'm too f-ing high!
so my body doesn't move, but my brain goes from being prone to stream of consciousness to a mf-ing deluge.  i remember people i never spoke to in high school, get a picture of a shamrock covered in carmel apple wrapping, decide to send my mother holiday cards because she always sends them to me & maybe all she really wants is for someone to send some to her, Clinton Kelly & Stacey Keach from What's Not to Wear. oh wait it's not Stacey Keach, it's...no it's too hard let it go.  i've thought klute was here talking to me when he wasn't even home.  got sad over stuffed animals that i'll never see again.  it's very hard to tell if i'm daydreaming or if i'm actually asleep dreaming.  & the directions say 5 days?  i don't like this.

Monday, February 18th, 2008
12:42 pm
 our bathroom sink has been making continual pulsing glug-glug-glug-glug for days even though i've pulled hair & gunk out of it, used the plunger on it 3 times & poured hot water & bleach down it.  i think we must have "the tell-tale-sink". 
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